Pensions Guide | Pensions Help Product Information | Why do I Need a Second Pension?

The Government believes that the best way for you to have a secure retirement is to use the basic state Retirement Pension as a start. If you want to increase your pension for when you retire, you need to think about the best additional or second pension option for you. The earlier you start paying into a pension and the more you pay in, in general, the higher your pension will be. If you are employed, you may already be paying into an occupational pension scheme run by your employer. But you may be self employed or not currently working. Or, you may not have the opportunity to pay into a second pension with your employer.

If you have not yet made any arrangements for a second pension, a stakeholder pension may be the best option for you. But whether a stakeholder pension is best for you will depend on your circumstances. If you have made some arrangements for a second pension, you should think about whether the basic state Retirement Pension and any additional state pension, together with any arrangements you have already made, will be enough to give you the lifestyle you want when you retire.