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For more information on any of the pension options below, please call 0845 7 31 32 33 or visit

There are a range of up to date and thorough pensions guides available from the Government:

A guide to your pension options (PM1) This guide gives a general summary of the pension system and suggests points you should think about.

State pensions – Your guide (PM2) This guide explains whether you are likely to get a state pension and how we work state pensions out. It includes more details about the State Second Pension, including examples of how it can help people in different circumstances.

Occupational pensions – Your guide (PM3) You will find this guide helpful if you are working for an employer who runs a pension scheme and you are a member of the scheme or are thinking of joining.

Personal pensions – Your guide (PM4) If you are thinking about a personal pension scheme, this guide tells you the sort of questions you should be asking and how you can decide if a personal pension is best for you.

Pensions for the self-employed – Your guide (PM5) If you are self-employed, you have fewer options but you still have important decisions to make. This guide tells you how you can decide what will be best for you.

Pensions for women – Your guide (PM6) If you are a woman, the pattern of your working life may be different from a man’s. For example, you could have a career break to raise a family. This guide gives you an idea of the options available, and what you should think about when you plan your pension.

Contracted-out pensions – Your guide (PM7) This guide gives you information about contracting out of (leaving) the State Second Pension.

Stakeholder pensions – Your guide (PM8) This guide tells you what you need to think about before joining a stakeholder pension scheme. It will help you decide whether this kind of pension is best for you.

State pensions for carers and parents – Your guide (PM9) If you have given up work or aren’t earning very much because you are caring for someone, this guide may help you. It explains what to do to make sure you get as much state pension as you can in the future.

To order copies of any of the guides in this series, you can call the Inland Revenue on 0845 7 31 32 33. Calls are charged at local rates and the line is open 24 hours a day. They also have a textphone service available on 0845 604 0210. Or, you can write to them for any of these guides at Pension Guide, Freepost, Bristol BS38 7WA (you don’t need a stamp).

You can see these guides on their website at

All guides are available in Welsh, on audio tape, and in Braille.